iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 destruction test

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24 Comments on iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 destruction test

  1. You might be wrong in the first test,the I phone's screen might just shut down, but it might not be done yet, If you press the lock button,home button or hold the lock button. Oh and also lock button=power button

  2. yazık la yazık bn o samsung galaxy s4 ü alabilmek için para biriktiriyom millet arabanın altında eziyor telefonuma b,r damla su glese ödüm şeyime karışır gitmiş suya sokuyor ya yemin ederim ki bu bir müsriflik bu kadar israf etmeyin günah yazık yazık bulamayan var TÜRKLER LİKE

  3. I'm getting Samsung galaxy s4 and I know it's great it's just when I had the apple product the buttons on it stopped working rate away but I still like apple

  4. Look people, im getting a samsung galaxy s4 next month, or maybe tomorrow, but i like it so much, because i have a ipad, and i like apple as well, but i really like the s4, its nice and really safety, so i don't get it why people are saying to me that i must to buy apple, why? I like apple as well, but i love the s4, it hasn't any problems, so why are people saying that i must to buy an apple?

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