iPhone 5 vs. HTC One X

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Many revere the HTC One X as having the best display on the market. Now with the iPhone 5 out, is that true? Both have LCD panels with RGB sub-pixel arrays. The iPhone 5 has 1136×640 resolution (and at 4.0″ makes for a ppi of 326), while the One X has 1280×720 resolution (and at 4.7″ makes for a ppi of 312).

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  1. people say that i have a bad phone. now htc one x. Everyone is almost going in the iphone war.itsmjust annoying. i have a better phone because i have the 6 and you the 5s. help me

  2. I love htc one x it better than apple i phone becouse the first time i used it it was really fast and the internet was also really fast i did not have to wait for it to put load everything on youtube and it still goes really fast this is why htc are better than iphones iphones there screen break that easy and when you drop htc they dont break east

  3. Hey guys, if your HTC ONE X/XL is draining battery fast you might consider this. If you hit settings then hit mobile data you will see network mode. Press that and the default setting is GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto. Change it to GSM/ WCDMA auto. This will save a lot of battery

  4. HTC  FTW. I still love my One X even months after I got it. Its Snapdragon processor really is very snappy, I never get that irritating screen lag like I did with my dual-core Motorola DROID3 (XT860). It's not too finnicky or fickle either; the first one I had was a bit touchy and would do random weird stuff sometimes like restart for no reason, but that was a used one and it died after a few months, so I think it was kind of buggered from the get-go. My brand new one works flawlessly and I love it.Combined with my 3200mAh Mugen Power battery jacket so I don't have to charge it more than once every 24-36 hours, and I'm happy as a clam! Apple people can love their iPhones, I love my One X.

  5. so whats the goddamn soundtrack at the beginning in the intro and at the end in the outro???!!! I have been asking for so long somebody should know it…
    I have been looking for it for so long already

  6. sorry for all Iphone lovers but Iphones suck! I mean cmon man! My friend dropped his from not even 30sm and he totally broke the screen! You pay for everything…. Every time you type the password to your stuff. Imagine buying your fav. 30 songs and you have 16 letters password+. Iphones need converters. Even you see in the coments that all of them are for HTC. Make your choice. I've picked

  7. HTC One maybe the best, but iPhone 5(S) is more beautiful. Anyway, I just found this secret link on how to claim the new iPhone 5S for free! Check this out guys before it’s too late: –

  8. One X tegra 3. Bigger screen, better internals. However One mini has better design and most likely will be supported longer than one X as I heard one x wont even get 4.3

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