iPhone 5 vs HTC One S Comparison

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My comparison of the iPhone 5 and the HTC One S.

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35 Comments on iPhone 5 vs HTC One S Comparison

  1. the speed test was useless, not having the same internet speed and ISP well of course the speed won't be the same. So try both each their time on wifi to really see the speed that the phone can handle ;)

  2. Should I get an iPhone5 as an upgrade from my Galaxy Note II. Like the ios, android has gotten boring to me. So I don't think ios could be that much worse. And I'm tired of this big ass phone, no matter how cool it is. Just wanna try something else?!

  3. I personally like Android not bc i am going against apple.. i love apple products and how easy it is to use but Android does have just a little more things to it. Apple hasnt changed a thing to their products it the same thing everytime. They need to get more then just updating the camera and the space on the screen

  4. i own an HTC One S for a year… im pretty happy with it. its still a fast phone.i always use it with a cover thats why its not scrach but the hard cover case can get scrach it. i never get bored of my phone , i can customisez eerything on it. i really preffer the Android than IOS

  5. I have a galaxy s2 now looking to upgrade still a bit confused which way to go but I can say my old HTC evo got good 3g and occasional 4g (inside a major vegas hotel) . Ive had my s2 for 2 years now and the internet connection doesn't compare to my old HTC. My partner at work has I phone 4s and his connection isn't any better, so that's got me leaning more towards the HTC. We both use sprint for our carrier so im also thinking of spending a little more and going with Verizon. Any advice on htcs will help thanks

  6. Not much there to confuse anyone? On the default home screens, the One S has 11 apps and 1 widget. The Ifruit has 24 apps. Android is easier to look at, is more functional, and more customizable. No contest.

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