iPhone 5 vs. HTC One Mini

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This video is a comparison between the iPhone 5 and the HTC One Mini. Both of these phones are flagships… but which one is better?

iPhone 5: http://goo.gl/atvtlh
HTC One Mini: http://goo.gl/BDol0Z

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43 Comments on iPhone 5 vs. HTC One Mini

  1. One mini beats it by 9 miles! (Literally, Beats by Dre!) Ok, maybe it's a gimic, but I have one and the sound kicks ass! Plus, once you get the phone, it updates to 4.4.2 KitKat with Sense 6, arguably the best skin on android ever invented. Still doesn't beat Cyanogenmod, but it is very intuitive and efficient. The fact that it is android also makes it automatically better than the iPhone in my opinion, thanks to the customization and open source factor. If you are a beginning android developer looking for a stylish daily driver in a small form factor, this is the phone for you. And Apple, take notes! When all the MINI VERSIONS of phones are larger than your product, it's time to make the device larger! Fun fact: the One Mini outspecs the iPhone if you compare them, and in real world use I find it slightly faster than the iPhone 5. Thanks HTC! And Apple, I'm still waiting for that Nexus iPhone!

  2. htc one mini all the way. cheaper, premium build, better screen in terms of resolution, viewing angles, ppi, better colors and deeper blacks. Boomsound speakers, blinkfeed etc etc. Android is way more customizable, lots of free apps, choose different launchers or even alternate appstores if you want. with iphone you're stuck to itunes or dropbox. Android supports storage for any file you want to put on your phone. so many more reasons why this phone and its operating system are superior to apples ios. So defenitely the HTC ONE MINI! :DD

  3. iphone 5 is for stuck up rich people who know absolutely nothing about technology, it is clear as daylight the htc one mini wins 😀 (may be being slightly biased but whatever) i <3 my htc :P

  4. I have a HTC One Mini and it's a grate phone I've been to some gigs and took amazing photos of the band's I've been to see. Camera is grate and so is the video. Highly recommend to any journalist and photographers camera is stunning and the zoey function is amazing too takes 5 second videos and allows you to save the frames

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