iPhone 5 vs. BlackBerry Z10

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How does the iPhone 5 stack up to the new BlackBerry 10-based Z10? Check out our comparison video!


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46 Comments on iPhone 5 vs. BlackBerry Z10

  1. I've had my Z10 from launch and am now finding it slow and lacking the promised updates and improvement now BB are going Android so am considering a new phone in the Apple range! Disappointed after many years as a BB fan!

  2. Most of the apps in the apple and google play store are not meant for business or working at all. In fact, all you need is a solid email and sms app, a calendar and a clear mic and speaker in you phone and that's what the BB apparently goes for and excels at.. Even if you do work with digital media, you'll hardly use your phone for video or photo editing or animating or anything like that. PCs are for productivity, not phones. Most of the apps are just there for fun, not out of necessity. Just look at your smartphone and think about which apps you actually really need and use.
    Mine are: YouTube, Chrome, Textra (sms app), WhatsApp, Weather, and Alarm.
    These 6 I use frequently, all the others I could do without. So, do more apps make a smartphone a better choice, especially if 90% of the apps are just useless or do the same thing as the other 10%? I don't think so.

    And yes, I know with that you can install Android Apps on BB since update xyz, but this video here is 3 years old. I'm not sure that was the case back then and even if it wasn't, that doesn't change the point I was making before.

  3. Things that weren't included in this video:
    – bb10 powers up in 5-7 minutes (yea you read it well)
    – bb10 camera app sometimes "cannot be started" so fuck you
    – the blackberry hub freezes are daily routine (then you have to restart in 5-7 minutes.. )
    – 80% of android apps are not compatible or not working properly. and no push notifications on any of them.
    – almost all bb10 apps are shit, or dumbed edition of the android/ios versions
    after 4 months of suffering, I sold it and bought an iphone 5 which is working properly since 2014.

  4. Unfair to compare these two phones as there is a quite large price gap between them, I don't know about the US but here the Z10 is way cheaper (z10, 200Eur vs Iphone5 350eur (and thats the cheapest iphone 5))

    I got my Z10 last year and I can safely say that its the best phone i've ever used, I actually enjoy using it, I would buy the phone again no questions asked.

     The z10 made everything look easy, the software is pretty self explanatory, easy to use, fast and also looks great all around to me. Yes its missing alot of apps and games, but I don't care, I use my phone to talk, text and the occasional picture.. FYI the people saying you can get android apps on bb10, are dreaming, I love this phone but come on guys, not that I have downloaded many apps from the playstore.., 5 maybe… but so far NONE of the apps downloaded from the googleplaystore worked as intended, most if not all 5 never even launched. On the other hand blackberry store and amazon work fine and offer more than I could ask for.

     The best feature for me is the bb HUB, which if customized properly filters out all the shit you dont want (email spamm etc…)and has every social network in one place, which works damn fine for me.

      My only problem with the z10 is that I believe blackberry has officially put a red cross on their bb10 software, which is awful, instead of releasing a kick ass upgrade for the z10, with maybe a nice slider they went ahead and released the Priv, which looks okay,(that slider kinda looks retarded to me though, why not on the side like htc dream to have an actual keyboard…? Oh well…) but android platform..? No Thank you..

    I understand people buy the iPhone over the z10, I mean the iPhone is shiny and acts as a bling bling. People love bling bling.

  5. Using BB10 on a Q5, soon moving to a Passport. Other features of Z10 not mentioned is the expandable memory, keyboard text prediction where the next word suggestion appears on the next letter you, and there's BB Remember, BB Blend etc.

  6. Bottom line: if you're into text messaging, emails and not much on games. Blackberry is for you. If you're into game apps, selfies or want to brag how rich you are, iPhone is the best phone for you.

  7. I've always noticed that every vs video the comment section always chooses any phone over an iPhone. Lol I don't care if the blackberry could transport me to the future, I'd still pick the iPhone.

  8. i love blackberry mobile and the software must be 10.3, i am using z30 since a years i like it, it is so fast and i can open so many page without problem.
    the one problem in blackberry company is that, the marketing is so poor. now bb is not moving like samsung, apple, sony or lg. ect…… people dont know what bb is doing you have to go google or doing seach to know what's the news of bb and that is unfair  for the company like bb, so i realy wish to see bb bigger and better same like before thanks.

  9. In my opinion:
    Blackberry: good operative system, nice design. It's limitated in some aspects and has quite an old interface. Has quite a long future
    iPhone: good operative system, and I love it's design. Easy to use, but it's limitated in many aspects and it's really expensive
    Android: nice operative system. Has a lot of apps, but they are not so useful and necesary. Most designs are good. The problem is the lag
    Windows Phone: kicking ass operative system. Most designs are awesome. The only problem is they got not so much apps, but that's not a problem

    What do I prefer? Windows Phone>iOs>Android>Blackberry

  10. people complaining about the Z10 having hardly any apps, BB ios 10 allows you to download and install apk files which are from android. So you can install android apps on the z10 and they work fine.

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