iPhone 5 iOS 7.0.2 – Review

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^^SUBSCRIBE!!^^ There’s a very simple way to describe the Apple iPhone 5: thinner, lighter and a bit taller than the iPhone 4S. While that gets across the general look of the phone, it rather underestimates what’s gone into the design to achieve this.


For starters, Apple has managed to shave 1.4mm of the thickness of its previous phone. When you compare them side-by-side, what Apple has done is immediately obvious. While the iPhone 4S’ screen and back bulged out from the side, the iPhone 5 has a flush back, while the screen is barely raised at all.

Apple iPhone 5 volume buttons
There’s no denying that the iPhone 5 is impressively thin

It’s easy to tell the difference is size from photos, but weight’s an altogether harder thing to describe. In pure stats, the iPhone 4S weighed 140g, while the iPhone 5 is 28g lighter at just 112g. Trust us, this is a big difference and it’s immediately noticeable when you pick the iPhone 5 up: you get the feeling that it simply…

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