iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S 2

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Detailed spec comparison & photos: http://bit.ly/ppv25y
Full iPhone 4S review: http://bit.ly/tSkfdu
Full Samsung Galaxy S II Review: http://bit.ly/lAHVY8

The iPhone 4S (available on Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint) and the Samsung Galaxy S II (available on T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint) are two of the best smartphones on the market right now. In this video we compare program launching speed, web browsing performance, gaming smoothness, specs, 1080p video recording, and even artificial intelligence in terms of the digital assistant software included on both. Which of these high-end smartphones is better?

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47 Comments on iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S 2

  1. Come on just face it apple isheeps, the only reason you get an iPhone is for fashion statement. Mos the isheeps don't know what android is. Most don't even know what powers their phone.
    So basically iPhone is for people who don't what a CPU is and are usually uneducated in technology (teenage girls). Android is for those who want to tweak their device. 

  2. Omfg who cares which kind of phone is better, all you people who are hating over android or ios just let me say, they both have their advantages over each other but really, does it fucking matter they both do the same
    thing. Shit, my tablet is samsung my phone is apple my tv is samsung and my pc is apple nigga it doesn't matter for fuck sake. I'm so tired of you people bitching over how Samsung or apple sucks, you like what you like, and keep your dumbass comments to yourself you idiots.

  3. If you put the video speed at .25 when he does the speed test, you can clearly see that apple won most of them, it may have been because he didn't click them both at the same time, but there is still a big gap regardless

  4. Well i gotta say i've always had samsung phones and i just switched over to the iphone 5 to test it and i gotta say i hate it samsung was so much smoother than the iphone and the storage was bigger and overall it was just fantastic im going to switch back to samsung soon bye apple fags

  5. 4s 7.1.2 is actually better than s3 even s3 neo or s3 lte.. Tested: sound a lot better, opens apps the same if not faster, better display and build quality. AND YOU GET FUCKING EMOJIS + iTunes

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