iPhone 4S : iOS 9.3.1 vs iOS 9.3.2 Final Release Build 13F69

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Apple released iOS 9.3.2 today. After 4 beta version
Apple finally deemed it ready to be set free in the

It will be interesting to see if it shows clear
improvements over 9.3.1, especially in performance,
as 9.3 and 9.3.1 was a small performance set back
when compared to iOS 9.2.1.

iOS 9.3.2 released May 16th 2016 comes with build 13F69

So lets compare and see how iOS 9.3.2 performs

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Good to Go by Gunnar Olsen

Release notes:

iOS 9.3.2 fixes bugs and improves the security of your iPhone or iPad. This update:

Fixes an issue where some Bluetooth accessories could experience audio quality issues when paired to the iPhone SE
Fixes an issue where looking up dictionary definitions could fail
Addresses an issue that prevents typing email addresses when using the Japanese Kana keyboard in Mail and Messages
Fixes an issue…

26 Comments on iPhone 4S : iOS 9.3.1 vs iOS 9.3.2 Final Release Build 13F69

  1. ok, not gonna update my 9.3.1 ipad mini1 to9.3.2.  I have made my mind to upgrade it from ios6 to 9.3.1 weeks ago because of the app restrictions, seems that the best choice for A5 chip is ios7.1.2 or ios8.4. the ios9 is much slow than the ios 7/8 and I have encounter app-auto-close many times on ios9.

  2. из-за этих мудаков эппл ,которые с каждым обновлением делали так что бы 4с лагал ,пришлось купить 6-ой.

  3. 9.3.2 works seemingly smoother than 9.3.1 on my 4s also

    P.S. I have transperency and motion turned off as well as having 600mb free storage and everything flies better

  4. those devices on 9.3.2 are still indexing, the freshly restored device is working twice, basically this test 4 hours later the release are null..
    1-2 days latter the device will work properly and on the restored device from back up, "reset all settings" should be used before the test and you will see.

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