iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo 4G

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HTC EVO 4G vs. iPhone 4 – Smartphone Smackdown!

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39 Comments on iPhone 4 vs HTC Evo 4G

  1. The EVO 4G is shit, just look at that toilet paper screen, meanwhile the iPhone 4 was truly ahead of its time, now look at iPhones, same shit every year, it's stagnated and zero innovation. The difference between Steve Jobs being alive and passing away. Apple went to a shithole.

  2. HTC EVO is bigger. The iPhone 4 is better.
    If we compare both devices today, guarantee the iPhone 4 is running a lot smoother.
    I know plenty of people today, who are still using an iPhone 4. Heck even 3G and 3GS.
    The original EVO is completely obsolete at this point.

  3. I've just moved into the world of smartphone with a hand me down iPhone 4, and my brother and father are about to get the EVO 4g. I think I'm gonna have to do my own comparison on how these phones have aged.

  4. I find it funny that the iphone 4 is running the latest version of ios (ios 7) 4 years later, where as the Evo has long been forgotten. Its a shame since the Evo was such a cool phone for its time. 

  5. Customization over speed us a good thing-iphones are like pocket jails; 1 reason: you can only get apps and stuff from 1 source (like a prisoner can only get food from jail).

  6. You look back at 4 years ago 😀 iPhone 4 is still a great phone, evo… not so much. Anyway it is going to be the same with samsung or lg- it was the same ''iPhone is dead, HTC is better'' bullshit, look at where are they now?

  7. I love all iPhones, and the good thing about them they don't get slow over time as of android they get really slow.. Like old S3 now it got slow and my games take a bit of time to load, my iPhone 4 is faster even now. Android phones are great but android OS sucks over time they get slow idk why as of iOS is not noticeable at least for me is fast until the phone literally dies. 

  8. It's not a fair or unfair kind of thing (unless it's a flip phone vs. a smartphone). What matters is whatever is available to the consumer. You can't fault Apple or HTC for their release timeframes… so it's a comparison that needs to be made – for the consumer's sake.

  9. But theres a diffrence of 6 months between HTC One and iPhone 5 and the time diffrence between iPhone 5S and HTC One will also be 6 months. Therefore it doesn't matter which devices you compare, it's never a fair comparison at all.

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