iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 – Review (4K)

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NEW iOS 7.1.2 – Update!

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49 Comments on iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 – Review (4K)

  1. my grandma is gonna give it to me do you recommend it?? i don't have phone so this will be the first one can it run snapchat, whats app, Facebook, and you tube? I'm only having those apps please answer´╗┐

  2. I've had an iPhone 4 for 5 years and it's still on the same update but everytime I try to check for updates it says there's no updates so I think it's time to pull my iPhone 5 out´╗┐

  3. iPhone's most dreadful feature is the front facing cam. i have been using a rather outdated version 4 with the most recent iOS 7.1.2. The front facing cam simply has no feature. Furthermore, it outputs quite blurred, fuzzy and pale images. The rear cam on the other hand only features HDR and Flash which is pretty good compared to front facing cam though. To ensure how much it differs when i take photos using some other recent photos like Xperia Z1 version of my sis'. There is not much of a "noticeable" difference of image qualty in the case of front cam. Sucks horribly! Even my old-fashioned Nokia N95 is able to take a much sharper image.´╗┐

  4. i have iphone 4 but after i updated it to ios 7.1.2 the alert sounds wont work (phone call, text,emails,keyboard etc) but when i listen to songs it works. can u help me? i've reset all the setting but it still wont work. i didnt mute or 'do not disturb'.
    gg noob english´╗┐

  5. Okay I have an iPhone 4 which currently has ios 5.1 and runs fine, so I was wondering if its a viable option to upgrade to 7.1.2 and I also want to know if it really lags THAT much or if its just a small bit of lag´╗┐

  6. hi! I have an iphone 4 8 gb and want to know if it is worth upgrading pro ios 7.1.2. 
    I'm afraid it gets worse or does not hit the settings. which model?´╗┐

  7. I have a question. Do you recommended downloading IOS 7.1.2 on my iPhone 4? I have IOS. 6.1.3. I really want 7.1.2, but I read so many bad reviews. I want to upgrade so I can get apps like PayPal and a lot og free photography apps. I have apps now, but a lot of free apps I can not download because I'm still on IOS 6.1.3 with Virgin Mobile.

    Also, does IOS 7.12 have a grid on the camera? I really use ny grid, so that will be helpful to know.

    Thanks for your help.´╗┐

  8. I have an iPhone 4,but I don't really have the same issue you have,but I don't really like iPhone 4,I also have ios 7.1.2 but it is pretty slow and it is laggy at times´╗┐

  9. i have a same problem too in my i phone 4 no sound from speaker while playing music and others like locking unlocking tooo. is there any solution you have for this problem ? please help me…´╗┐

  10. I don't know I really like apple but I have a choice between an iphone 4 and a samsung galaxy s3 which one I play lots of games by the way I heard s3 has great performance whilst playing games´╗┐

  11. why my iphone 4 after updating 7.1.2 no sound from the speaker! No locking or unlocking sound. No ticking sound. But there is sound if i plug in earphone.┬á´╗┐

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