iPhone 3GS vs. HTC Hero

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Part 1 of a series comparing the 2 phones. This round, it’s browser & keyboard.

49 Comments on iPhone 3GS vs. HTC Hero

  1. HTC Hero is way better to buy.first of all it has the same things to do with the i phone (and better), and it is cheaper!!Secondly the desktop is better because it hasnt got apps all over the place like iphone

  2. @1994kai its the only thing that sorta gets me mad for having it, too common but everyone has a really old one I like mine 🙂 works fast and i love the way it is 🙂

  3. every body does know the iphone that´s what i don´t like..it´s nothing special when u have an iphone….but when you have an htc hero than every body looks at it…because it´s more special the most of the people don´t know it but its just the same good as the iphone maybe better(;..so i go and buy the hero.:D

  4. @krazygreen i traded my hero for htc hero that was the best decision of my life( for a phone) ye hero is good but its slow n it aint as powerfull as i phone but android FTW

  5. No phone has or will ever compare to the iphone's responsiveness as soon as your finger tip hits the screen, it responds. With other touch screen phones, you have to press on the like its a button.

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