iPhone 3GS vs HTC Hero Part 1

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iPhone 3Gs vs HTC Hero Dogfight!

The mighty iPhone faces some stiff competition from the best Android phone yet, the HTC Hero. Is HTC’s new “Sense UI” enough to take iPhone down? Dogfight! with Noah from PhoneDog.com.

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28 Comments on iPhone 3GS vs HTC Hero Part 1

  1. Honestly 3Gs is the best iPhone I had, never had a problem only lags with games like Infinity Blade and Dead Space in 2010.. I did switch to the HTC Inspire in 2011

  2. Golden classic review. Noah was ahead of the curve & said it right about the OS's. The past meets the future. I like apple but iOS still looks the same today. Android has blossomed.Love my SG3. Former Sprint HTC Hero owner.

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