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Another Assassin’s Creed game for iOS appears to be in the works, after an apparent slip from Uplay this morning.

45 Comments on iOS Assassin’s Creed Leaked by Uplay – IGN News

  1. Did anyone notice that Templars and Assassins would work together like allies. Is this leak telling us that the AC games are going towards future games with both Templars and Assassins working together? There have been a lot of hint in that direction, but this game don’t hint it, it kinda proof that this is a main story way to go. 

  2. All i wish was that assassin's creeds mechanics were changed, i want a stealth option, the ability to attack people without (like the older games) having to lock on or engage them and a better free running system that doesn't involve you running up walls that appeared to be able to be scaled but turns out not to be

  3. Enough of this mobil trash gaming industry. Cell phone games are not real games just pretty time wasters full of clones of what is popular. Less then 10% of mobile gaming is real games. Tapping and swiping are not real gameplay mechanics and its implications are limited. Mobile gaming is the worst part of the gaming industry

  4. UGH Why cant we just get an AC for the portable devices (3ds/Vita only) that isn't as bad as Liberation but as good as MGS Peace Walker was?
    I'm pretty sure people don't buy phones to play games!

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  6. Maybe they will actually use the graphics capability of my 5s and drop the damn 4s already ! I know mobile gaming is ass and horse shit ! But the lower spec devices like iPod touch 5g and iPhone 4s along with iPad 2 and 3 hold the graphics back from being 10% less shit and more comparable to at least an xbox360 . (Which the 360 is shit anyway too) I play x1 :D

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