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  1. Hey all you hater, can you stop being little fucking kids what day there 20 year old and shit, and grow up, just because we can see you and beat the living crap out of you dose not mean we can track you down, so shut your mouths and stop saying shit to the kid, just because he got more sub and work hard than you dose not mean you can say shit, you rotten cunts 

  2. An imagination [√] sound effects pictured in mind,{as to how it would sound if he had editing software}[√] I see potential for this channel later on as he grows up and get better equipment 😉 keep it up man thumbs up ,,,,,my subscription wasn't wasted just keep doing what you do~ :)

  3. Lemme get this straight a retarded fat kid makes a vid of getting 1 like video gets posted and then viral he now has 100,000 subs wow he didn't work for that he just begged a lot of great you tubers do way more awesome stuff then this kid all he does is talk about boring ass crap and try's to be funny. You have good manners I'll give you that kid but you suck at YouTube.

  4. This kid is the most boring person to watch and i've seen better things come out of beibers ass. He better be kissing reddits toes all day and all night for his success 

  5. I understand that he is just a kid. But he isn't doing enough. If I ever woke up overnight and I had 100k subs. This is what I would do.

    1. Buy a good recording software
    2. Good editor
    3. Better mic
    4. Plan what I would do before my videos in stead of stoping and starting like he is doing.
    5. Don't beg for followers on Facebook/Twitter
    6. Make you're subs feel like they have made a good choice to subscribe

  6. Its just sad, that somebody who puts his whole day or month or his whole life deticated to youtube, and has maybe 1000 subs or even less…. And a kid like this one puts almost no effort in making his videos and gets 130000 subs just because his video went "viral" thats, just sad….

  7. When the world wakes up to this fact we will find peace: You are not in control of life. When you know the truth, you will change your perspective to the watcher of life.

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