iOS 9 Tips and Tricks – Low light Mode

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iOS 9 Tips and Tricks – Low light Mode

What is going on guys Apple Fox here and this is another video of my series called iOS 9 tips and tricks and this time i will be showing you how to make your screen even darker and dimmer than using the regular brightness control in your setting or in your control centre. It is very useful because sometimes the minimum brightness still isn’t enough in very dark conditions and your screen feels too bright. Yes you can enable night shift, which is great thing but it won’t make your iPhone dimmer like this hidden feature.
So now you just go to your settings, and under the accessibility menu click on zoom. You have to turn it on but as you can see i have done it already. And maybe you’re wondering: What does zoom has to do with the brightness? And you’re right. When you double click on the display with three fingers it zooms in and if you do that again it zooms out. But if triple click on your screen with three fingers this panel shows…

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