iOS 9 Tips and Tricks – Get new emojis

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What is going on guys Apple FOX here and in todays video i’m gonna be showing you how to Access the hidden emojis that you have on your stock keyboard on your iPhone. That means that you don’t have to download any kind of third party application, so let’s jump right in.
It’s not difficult at all you just go to settings and search for keyboard. And now what you have to do is just to add the japanese keyboard to your iPhone. And now when you click on japanese you actually have two options so make sure you click on the second one and then you have to press done
And now when you go to messages hold on to the globe that you have right here and switch to japanese, now click on the 123 icon and click on this emoji. And now you can choose from all of this weird looking emojis.
Of course you are not limited to the messages app, you can use it anywhere else, for example you can write caption to your Instagram photo using this kind of emoji and show off to your friends
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