iOS 9 Tips and Tricks – Free up Storage

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iOS 9 Tips and Tricks -Free up Storage Without Deleting Any Files

What is going on guys Apple Fox here and if you have storage on your iPhone completely full and you want to free up some space, then i will show you this really cool trick. Of course you can delete some apps or songs anytime, but what if you don’t want to get rid of any files? This trick not only clears some space in your phone but also doesn’t remove anything from your iPhone or iPad. It doesn’t require your idevice to be jailbroken. So without any further hesitation let’s get right into it.

So as first thing I recommend you to check how much storage is available so you could see the difference. To get there, you need to go to settings, general and then storage and icloud usage. As you can see i have less than 100 megabytes available right now

Next, you need to go to itunes store and the whole thing consists of doing this. You have to find a very large movie in itunes. It has to exceed the available storage,…

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