IOS 9 Tips And Tricks

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IOS 9 Tips And Tricks Official Video By Apple

iOS 9 is the ninth release of the iOS mobile operating system designed by Apple Inc. and the successor to iOS 8. It was announced at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference 2015 on June 8, 2015, and was released on September 16, 2015. iOS 9 focuses less on new features and more on under-the-hood optimizations, as well as battery improvements.[1] On September 21, 2015, Apple announced that iOS 9 had been installed on more than half of active iOS devices—the fastest adoption rate for any new operating system and significantly faster than that of its predecessor.[2]

iOS 9 debuted at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on June 8, 2015, with iOS 9.0 beta 1 being made available to registered developers straight after the keynote, and a public beta made available to members of Apple’s Beta Software Program in July.[3][4] iOS 9 was released publicly on September 16, 2015

On iPad, a two-finger drag on the keyboard…

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  1. Hey also at like the 2:03 ish I am unable to get additional settings by swiping down on an open application in app switched.. could you possibly help me access this feature?
    Lastly at 2:08 close all open apps while in app switcher I missed how you were able fo do that..
    I have iPhone 6 running iOS 9.
    When someone gets time could they go over these 2 features in more detail.?

    Boy o boy, I am flunking

  2. I'm losing my mind for the last 15 minutes. @35-45 Seconds you show "history in setting" by tapping in the top right of the settings screen. On my screen I don't see that clock face thing that you hit in order to show the history of when and what settings were applied… I have iPhone 6 running iOS 9.. ….. can you let me know exactly how you were able fo access that feature ?……….. awesome video!

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