IOS 9 TIP or Trick on Recent Contacts & Spotlight Search News

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Here is a short video going over how to add or remove RECENT CONTACTS and SPOTLIGHT NEWS on the Apple iPhone using IOS9. I am on IOS 9.0.2 in this video. Spotlight Search is visible by swiping left from the home screen. Hope this video helps you – if so, please like, comment or share. -BMSLou

9 Comments on IOS 9 TIP or Trick on Recent Contacts & Spotlight Search News

  1. I turned off Spotlight suggestions and now I really want my News back in Spotlight search so I turned it back on but Spotlight search stays empty. Can you please help me.

  2. Does spotlight search on iOS 9 drain your battery in idle mode ? Overnight while sleeping my phone battery drained 14% as I have location services off and only received two push notifications that night I'm on iOS 9.1 by the way and all my spotlight search toggles are on which ones to delete if possible to save battery in idle mode

  3. Great video
    I'm looking around to hide spotlight search and was hoping u cud help me. Since I got the recent update I can't seem to hide it anymore, but before I could hide it no problem. Even though all my apps are turned off in the spotlight search settings, they still show in search! ?

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