iOS 9: Rumors & News (2015)

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iOS 8 is a great upgrade, but there are still a ton of features that Apple needs to add to iOS 9. From a more human version of Siri to a better Maps app, here’s what I want to see in iOS 9!

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33 Comments on iOS 9: Rumors & News (2015)

  1. There should be a way where users can delete and sync stock apps from iTunes. For example, a user dosent want the Stocks app, they can sync their iOS device to iTunes and back up the app onto iTunes. This way, incase they want to use it again, they can re-sync it back to their device. It will help users save a lot of room on their devices.

  2. I think it would be nice if Apple allowed jailbreaking but I fully understand why they try to stop it in its tracks. Jailbreaking is based off of exploits, and exploits in any OS can be used by hackers to create viruses. Also jailbroken devices could technically be vulnerable to viruses and Apple would prefer to save people the hassle of worrying about such things.

  3. hiding apples stock apps you can already do that…. > settings > general > restrictions > go through the setup > and you can pick and choose from the list what apps you don't want.

  4. "Here's what I want to happen! I mean, it's rumors and news right? Yeah, totally. Definitely not at all just random shit that I want to have done. Nope. New. And rumors!" Click-bait ass title. Damn.

  5. Hi to you
    I'm will like to see in iOS 9. To make the battery life go a more longest.
    Like the 100% to 0% in 100 days until the battery go out on 0%.
    The total account to use it 2,400 hours to use in one fully charged battery.
    I'm was like to see on iOS 9 software update.

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