iOS 9.3 – What’s New?

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Apple released iOS 9.3 to the public (finally) and I go over all the changes in the update.

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30 Comments on iOS 9.3 – What’s New?

  1. The night shift dosent make you sleep better… It is only simple stupid marketing strategy to wash brains. The only good thing about night shift is that it hurts your eyes less when you have a light jn your face from phone/tablet and the rest of the room is dark. That is it and nothing more.

  2. I just noticed at times it will do either or the other but have you noticed that the phone heat up on YouTube when watching videos but if I'm watching Netflix on it it won't heat up I don't know what the deal is never did that with my iPhone 6 but it does on my iPhone 6s Plus

  3. Incidentally 9.3's installing freed up 2.5gb of memory on my iPad after installation. I was pleased as I have 16gb devices. I used night shift last night and did get to sleep quicker, I watch a lot of stuff in bed at night on the iPad so this setting is on 22:0007:00 now. Dose t cure. Y insomnia, but removes a contributor factor.

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