iOS 9.3 Overview: Night Shift, password-protected Notes, and more!

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Here’s our walkthrough of all the major new features found in iOS 9.3, including Night Shift, password-protected notes, an improved Apple News app, and additional 3D Touch functionality. Which feature is your favorite?

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28 Comments on iOS 9.3 Overview: Night Shift, password-protected Notes, and more!

  1. Hello +PhoneDog !
    I wanted to ask you if you've tested iOS 9.3 on the iPhone 6 and if it's even slower/laggier now?
    My device certainly is, which is very disappointing, because of the price I paid for it a year ago..

  2. I like none of the features!. On a big phone like this 6s plus I have, there's no excuse for not having a multi- window split screen option!.. And Apple still haven't updated so SwiftKey can take advantage of the microphone arrow keys and a number row above the keyboard!. Apple keyboard straight up sucks! this is the worst keyboard I use don't Any smart phone.. I used to own all I had all the heavy hitting android phones starting from the Evo and the only reason I left Android because every phone to leggy and crashed too much… But don't get me wrong I do like my 6s Plus, Apple just needs to address these two issues and I'll personally be straight.. stereo speakers wouldn't hurt either!

  3. Hey bo your videos are really great. I love this new update especially the night feature it really helps on my eyes. Since I have a hard time seeing, but my 6s does ok. Gio.

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