iOS 9.3 New Features – Full Walkthrough

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iOS 9.3 Walkthrough – Night Shift!

Best Tech Gadget EVER!

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35 Comments on iOS 9.3 New Features – Full Walkthrough

  1. @iTwe4kz I know this comment is not related to your video I'm sorry for that but dude I'm really desperate please HELP ME! mi ipod touch keeps flashing the effing apple I've tried to recover the putting on save but it keeps showing the 4005 error. I've watched like a zillion tutorials and none of them help me at all. I don't know what to do. The iStore on my country says they have to send my ipod touch to USA (I'm in Peru) Please Cody, I hope you can help me.

  2. I've been using my iPhone3GS since 2009 and which only upgrades its' iOS software to version 6.1.6 (the 3GS model doesn't update past that point), lol. Its reached my breaking-point after 7 years now though as its grinding to a halt with Apps either crashing frequently, freezing for literally minutes before working or Apps which simply don't run on iOS6 at all which is now the case for most Apps. So I'm buying the iPhoneSE with the current iOS 9.3 when its out in a few days time from now.

  3. I downloaded 9.3 on my iPhone but now web links on safari don't work? Whenever I try to click on a link, nothing happens… Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Currently using Firefox to web browse but I'd rather go back to using safari on my phone

  4. the settings shortcut should be mobile data instead of wifi i guess since you can swing up for wifi and dont even need to open settings for it … i find opening mobile data through a shortcut making my life easier since it consumes a lot of battery life and you need to switch it off every time you are not using it that much but switch it back on when you wanna text someone or see something over the internet but you dont have a wifi at that moment

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