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Will we see a new Jailbreak soon?

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39 Comments on iOS 9.3 JAILBREAK UPDATE!

  1. There is NO WORKING jailbreak on the recent iOS versions. 9.0.2 is the latest iOS that can be jailbroken. Enmtw is a TROLL that never had any evidence, he never kept his word so far and didn't release anything.
    So 9.3 isn't promising at all. If you're not jailbroken and hope to jailbreak in the future then I recommend staying on 9.2.1, if you are jailbroken on 9.0.2 and wish to keep stay jailbroken, DO NOT UPDATE!

  2. I can create those 5 icons screenshot in less than 2 min using Photoshop.. if you create a website page and made the Favicon same as the Cydio logo, put that page into your homescreen (using safari) booom! you have a Cydia App-looking-icon on homescreen.. People should be aware of those fakes jailbreaks. The only legit proof can be a "continues video" that shows the Setting >> About >> (9.3) and demonstrate a well-known tweak that is only available via Cydia.. without a video cut or moving the camera around :)) a continues video… FYI: faking the Cydia app is also easy, creating a mobile webapp (aka. A responsive website page) that has the same layout as Cydia App would do the trick (after adding the mobile webapp to homescreen, the webapp opens like an application — no safari's address bar appears on top. You can't tell the difference between bookmarked webapp and the native ios application by just looking..

  3. hey cody, huge fan, every vid you release is extremely informative and greatly appreciative. im also a fan of the perfect jailbreak vids, the only downside is im still on iOS 8.4 so i cant follow your set ups just yet, but once a jailbreak is released im gonna follow your set up that starts off with hide me X, dope set up.

  4. Ok so I have a huge problem I have a 16 gb iPhone 6s and dude Cyrus took up 15 of those GB and when I delete stuff Curia always finds away to take it up I deleted most of my tweaks I have 4 apps downloaded barely and pictures please help man Cydia is taking up all my storage and I'm unable to enjoy the jailbreak or my phone in general

  5. Still jailbroken on 8.4, was the first time i did and i wouldnt wanna go back to stock. However, i would like ios 9 at some point. Should i update now to 9.x (latest version) and remain stock until a jailbreak comes out for it? Or is there another effective way to update to ios 9 and not lose jailbreak for a long period?

  6. Nice info, but a have a question. Yesterday I bought a iPad mini and comes with the software 8.4 is there any way to update to the 9.0.2 and jailbrake? Or should I just jailbrake this 8.4?

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