iOS 9.3: How to use Night Shift

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We explain how to use Night Shift in iOS 9.3. We discuss Night Shift toggles, scheduling, color temperature, manual settings, and more. Read the full tutorial at 9to5Mac:

Also, learn how to use Night Shift with Low Power Mode:

What’s new in iOS 9.3?

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17 Comments on iOS 9.3: How to use Night Shift

  1. Apple needs to add an auto adjust that is not dependent on time but rather the ambient light sensor. They also need to add a Daytime mode that increases the contrast under sunlight. CyanogenMod on my OnePlus One already supports this, and it'd be nice to have it on the iPhone too.

  2. For those who ask. Apple won't give support for the new features such as night shift to the iPhone 4S, but they will release the newer iOS versions only for fixes. Maybe not beyond iOS 10, so that means no more fair and proper testing on 4S i'm afraid.
    4S is still great phone and looks like an awesome phone… but that lack of 64bit processor is the reason I guess :(

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