iOS 9.3: Check out what’s new! (Beta)

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We go hands on with iOS 9.3 beta 1, which includes tweaks to notes, Apple Pay, Health, and more.

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44 Comments on iOS 9.3: Check out what’s new! (Beta)

  1. the screen thing is kinda cool … but nothing there amazing (i mostly think the screen thing is cool cause i want a low blue light computer screen really bad, i dont need it on my phone though i dont really sit on it in the dark or before i go to bed)

  2. Personally, I feel like the whole Yellow screen looks REAL ugly, and nasty for some reason… I would rather have a Black screen mode, where the clean white backgrounds are replaced with black for nighttime.

  3. Not worth it! Again another major disappointing update! I was hoping it was at least going to be something worth trying out like finally using NFC chi-wireless charging, which is already built into the phone for Apple Pay, but only works with Apple Pay (Major Fail)!! Or split screen REAL multi tasking features like the Samsung or LG smart phones. Maybe even a smarter SIRI with cards giving you tons of info on everything like the Google Now Cards, or better camera features where you have better control of the settings of your camera like every other smartphone camera (except the iPhone)!! Damn, I am so gonna go back to Android once I've paid off this stupid iPhone!! Can't wait to get a Nextbit Robin Mint!!

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