iOS 9.3 Beta 6! Jailbreak UPDATE, New Features & Release Date

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iOS 9.3 Beta 6 Jailbreak iOS 9.2.1 Update Discussed! iOS 9.3 New Features, Beta 6 Changes & Release Date EXPLAINED.

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iOS 9.3 Jailbreak Updates – Watch Beta 5 FIRST!

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0:07 – iOS 9.3 Beta 6
0:42 – iOS 9.3 vs iOS 9.2.1
1:16 – Beta 6 Changes?
2:09 – iOS 9.3 & Jailbreaking
3:20 – Install iOS 9.3 Beta 6


Jose Flores, Jake Lowe, Marcus Moore, Chad MacLeod, Kevin Hernandez, Noor Sa, Daniel Sheppard, Tyler Sanderson, Ernest Aguilar, Amaan, Jorge M Lopez, Deandre, Jose Reyes and Noah

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29 Comments on iOS 9.3 Beta 6! Jailbreak UPDATE, New Features & Release Date

  1. So when abouts is the Jailbreak going to be released? im dying for my iphone 6s to be jailbroken!. i think everyone is waiting, if only we could know a time on when its going to come out, then everyone i think would be much happier. So if anyone knows a time just reply to me here.


  2. The release of this many betas before the probable last iOS9 increment before OS10 probably means older devices will be discontinued cos its obvious they're trying to get the last software update for older devices perfect

  3. I'm new to jailbreaking, what is:

    Untethered jailbreak

    Tethered jailbreak

    When 9.3 publicly comes out, will there be an official jailbreak for it

    Can you get rid of jailbreaks?

    Do jailbreaks really cause viruses?

    Sorry I might sound really clueless but I want to know because I'm thinking about jail breaking. Thanks!

  4. Bro honestly stop putting jailbreak update all you do is repeat what you said in the last video. Thats false advertising that's why your views have gone down. You have a great channel though I'm a long time subscriber just stop false advertising besides that keep up the good work I'm excited about the update and I know you'll keep us posted when it's out.

  5. Hey ICUID :D. Can you make a tutorial on how to use 3D touch? I just got a new iPhone and I wanna know how to use it, and since I only trust you with my iDevice it would be great for me and others to know how to use it efficiently.

    Keep up the good work. Your vids are amazing :)

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