iOS 9.3 arrives with new features (CNET News)

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Apple updates iOS with features including Apple Music inside CarPlay and password protection for the Notes app. It also introduces Night Shift, a new setting that changes colors on the screen at night.

45 Comments on iOS 9.3 arrives with new features (CNET News)

  1. Bugger that shit update. What about a update to download bigger than a stupid 100mb over data than wifi. We live in the 2016. People have better plans now on the phone. Release that Apple. Than we will be happy. FFS.

  2. Night shift is only added to the newest models. Why? Meaning that I still cant sleep better with my ipad4-retina. If they think I buy a new one for this…no. Bummer they don't bother to help the millions and millions of people that have a bit older versions. Such a miss!!!

  3. I wish in the next update I can delete all the apps that I do not need. Like Notes, Facetime, Game center, Photos, Tips, Podcast, Mail, Photo Booth, Find iPhone, Reminders, Find friends, Messages, Maps, Safari.

  4. -NightShift is just basically F.Lux who are helplessly watching this keynote
    -password for Notes? who the hell uses notes anyway? why not instead get password for messages and/or gallery??

    They should stop using the word "innovation" seriously. People applauding like this is the best thing they heard in a while lol

  5. Man people need to try a Samsung S6-S7 edge, It will blow your mind as it did mine when i swapped over from Apple! Try something different! You might be surprised! I'm never going back, or not until Apple have better screen resolution and a better look phone, My current S6 edge is stunning.
    Btw im not a Fanboy, I own a MacBook pro retina, and a iPad air 2, Apple watch and phone.

  6. Will it bring simple Itunes shuffle back and stop pestering me for my freekin apple id password? That's all i care about.

    I wish F.lux sued their ass.

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