iOS 9.3.2 Released – Everything You Need To Know!

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iOS 9.3.2 Finally Released! New Features, Performance & Bug Fixes. Is iOS 9.3.2 vs iOS 9.3.1 Any Faster?

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  1. Hey everythingapplepro. I know this vid has been out for awhile now but there were some other small changes that were added in 9.3.2. They added Panorama and time lapse to the camera app for iPads and the Game Center notifications are now smaller than before. That's all I was able to find lol. Not much but like I said they were small changes. Not sure if you knew this by now but even if you did I thought I should still point them out anyways. Have a nice day! :)

  2. I have an iPhone SE with 9.3 (stock) firmware… To be honest, the battery life isn't as great as I expected it to be based off of reviews so I am wondering if this version actually improves battery life on the SE. Anyone have an SE?

  3. I have a question. You said that you believe that this may be the last iOS 9 update ever for the iPad do you mean that iOS won't be updated again in the future again? Or do you mean that there will be newer iOS updates in the future? I was watching one of you're older videos and I think you said that Apple will release a new iOS update in June. Is this still going to happen?

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