iOS 9.3.2 Pulled! Bricks iPads & Jailbreak UPDATE!

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iOS 9.3.2 Pulled Jailbreak Update, What’s Going On?! EXPLAINED! iOS 9.3.2 iPad Pro 9.7 Firmware & Jailbreak 9.3.2 Deliberated. ?

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This video is part one of a two part video, the second part will be issued when Apple re-releases iOS 9.3.2. The problem: iOS 9.3.2 causes certain iPad Pro 9.7″ devices to become perma bricked!


Jose Flores, Jake Lowe, Marcus Moore, Chad MacLeod, Kevin Hernandez, Noor Sa, Daniel Sheppard, Tyler Sanderson, Ernest Aguilar, Matt Kane, Ally Starr, Jorge Lopez, Jose…

45 Comments on iOS 9.3.2 Pulled! Bricks iPads & Jailbreak UPDATE!

  1. I'm tired of these videos. They are just a waste of time. Upload when there is a jailbreak. I could care less about updates anymore. I dnt wanna get my hopes up anymore

  2. Hey ICU, just wanted to say thanks for putting out great content, I've started out on YouTube but don't have enough time because college is in my focus right now, I'd like to thank you again so much for putting out awesome content because I've watched you (before subbing) please consider this idea: doing gaming and do ALL apple! It would be an awesome additional channel! Again you are my number one tech source for apple! I own various devices ranging from apple and android! This is straight from the source of me typing this! Cheers- Kurt

  3. hey… 9.3.2 on Iphone has problems… also my Itunes update has problems… now I cant see any books on itunes… how do I synsync(copy) books on my all apple devices? serioulsy Apple is getting sucky n more anti-user friendly… I need to completely shift to S7 … so angry at apple.

  4. How ironic that know one has released a jailbreak till now… If the jailbreak does release in a month.. Then its no use to jailbreak iOS 9.2 or 9.3 because of iOS 10 beta will be released next month… So yeh…

  5. icuid is doing the best he can for now I switched to android until a jailbreak comes out just like when every update is not jailbreakable. your doing a awsome job, keep it up I'm looking forward to the next jailbreak for the top iOS update.

  6. I hate seeing these videos thinking I'm gonna hear something new about the jailbreak and all I hear is the same shit, jailbreak coming soon.. Just do a video when it releases stop wasting our time .. Smh

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