iOS 9.3.2 iCloud Activation Full Bypass Method Update | New WebKit Exploit Explained

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This is an informative video continuing on from this –

iPhone 4 FULL BYPASS tutorial –

This new WebKit exploit is publicly available and could potentially be used for a crash or even better, a full user land method of gaining temporary R/W access to the root filesystem which would give us the ability to completely remove the from the device and bypass the iCloud activation lock on all devices on iOS 9.3.2 and lower.

Do not expect to see a release from Luca Tedesco – he does not release jailbreaks.


Todesco’s jailbreakme demo video –

Reddit post about the exploit used –

If you have any questions about this method or anything regarding iCloud activation lock in general then leave a comment or talk to me on Twitter…

27 Comments on iOS 9.3.2 iCloud Activation Full Bypass Method Update | New WebKit Exploit Explained

  1. Selfish assholes not releasing their hack shit. They should helping the community not teasing us and shit.
    Bless the cool muthafuckas that do release and don't try to act righteous. We all know we're assholes on the inside. lol

  2. Luca won't release though. And I don't really think GSMagic is legit but let's wait and see.
    All I want is a Jailbreak that goes around KPP in a way that we can make JIT work.

  3. +Billy Ellis
    hi, should i update my Ipad mini 1, icloud locked, iOS 8.3 to IOS 9.3.2 ?
    Or does apple patched the dns bypass exploit ? Does the web exploit work on IOS 8.3 too ?

  4. Remember, this exploit is just the starting point (which alone could still be used to crash but for a full userland removal of it, additional exploits would need to be used alongside it. I'll update you guys if anything happens. Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for watching :)

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