iOS 9.3.2 Beta 4 Released! What’s New Review

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iOS 9.3.2 Beta 4 Released! New Features Review, Bug Fixes & Speed Test, Faster?

50 Comments on iOS 9.3.2 Beta 4 Released! What’s New Review

  1. After I updated to this beta 4 my charging has been compromised I have to restart my phone just to have it read the normal apple charger leave it up to Apple to make another screw up update of iOS ???

  2. Hi, another question, did you notice that ios9.3.1, the accessibility touch button are not responsive as previous? This happens when put the button on the right side, use right hand thumb to activate the button; or put the button on the left side, use the left thumb to activate the button. Some time, it does not register the first touch, it only pops up the menu when a second touch are made. Again, iPhone 6, I don't have this on my ios8.3, but the ios9.3.1 has this! Apple made a big fuss about their ios9.3, and eventually it comes a lot bugs and very bad apple.

  3. Hi, a question, did you notice that the wallpaper actually "shifted" a little bit if you pull down notification center, and wait a sec, then release notification center, you can notice the app icons are "shifted" suddenly? I am using iPhone 6, previous ios8.3 does not have this, but ios9.3.1 has this annoying bug! I am really pissed by apple right now.

  4. Hi, apple stills making their software engieers' life miserable. I guess they just hurry and simply increase the beta number, and give the impression that they are doing something, but actually there are not better than work silently and come up with a perfect version. Apple is falling down, big time.

  5. hey i found a bug in ios 9.3.2 beta 4
    i send a mail through my pc to my email ( containing a short video), when i open that mail in my iphone 6s i found there is a unknown long script "said file not found" .
    but when i open dat mail in my pc it was there, so i might think der is an issue

  6. Just installed new beta 4, I noticed that the control panel is way quicker to drag into view than before! No more multiple attempts needed to drag up.

  7. I think You should make a video, covering ALL bugs, crashes, lags, unstable areas of the software etc. When all the bugs are in one place we can just send the video to Apple so they would see all it (because seeing a bug is better than reading about it from email).

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