|iOS 9.3.1 and below| Terraria item mod | NO JAILBREAK | UPDATED 2016

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| WORKING WITH ALL iOS 9.3.1 (and below) VERSIONS | 100% Legal and easy to do without the need for a jailbroken device!
Updated methods that are completely fool proof! There are at least 2000 of EVERY ITEM IN THE GAME! GET THEM ALL FOR FREE!

This works for all versions of iOS and every single device that can play Terraria! Whether it’s the latest version or one from 2 years ago!

For iOS above and including 8.3:
– iBackupBot (Win/Mac): http://www.icopybot.com/download.htm – MAKE SURE YOU DOWNLOAD iBackupBot! NOT ANYTHING ELSE!
– iTunes (Win/Mac): http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/

World and Player Downloads: https://tcno.co/Downloads/Terraria/

No Other Way – Simon Gribbe
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TechNoboOrigins
Website: https://tcno.co

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22 Comments on |iOS 9.3.1 and below| Terraria item mod | NO JAILBREAK | UPDATED 2016

  1. Plz help can't find terraria in user app but when I search terraria it came up with a com.505games.terraria,I clicked it and it came up with ACHIEVEMENTS.DAT and purchaser cord.plist

  2. I tried to import the world into my phone but it doesnt seem to show up. My questions are which file do i have to import ( hacked world or terrisios.zip ) and does that world go into the local sace worlds or icloud world

  3. technobo im having trouble… I got to the part where you go to terraria file and click document. but when I click document there is no stuff in there all there is 3 files. im using windows 10 ios 9.3 iphone 6s plus plz help or is it patched?

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