iOS 9.2 – What’s New?

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I go over what’s new with iOS 9.2 and demonstrate the obvious changes that you can see.

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39 Comments on iOS 9.2 – What’s New?

  1. Honestly I try to find reasons to go back to iOS but I can't :P. I mean I don't even like UI anymore, I think Google did an excellent job with material design and their icons.

    Also appreciate the customizability on Android. Although I generally stick with Stock Android I prefer the ability to add and remove widgets etc..

    Maybe my reasons are a bit superficial but what does iOS have going for it? or even the iPhone? Great build quality, camera? I mean we've seen these features on Android phones as well. The only area I see iOS doing excellent is app optimization, they are designed for a select few and thus will naturally give you a better experience in some cases. But more often not Android has already caught up, and I rarely notice a difference when gaming, using apps and the like.

    Anyways just my thoughts.. I may switch one of these days, but I guess it'll come down to using it again and seeing if I truly like it or not.

  2. They failed to mention, in emails if you open a attachment say it's music, you can not lock screen or open another app and continue to listen to the song.

  3. So I'm still on 4s. Should I even bother? I can almost never get on the app store or itunes anymore. Safari sucks – Snowbunny is the most awesome browser I'm thinking of going android. What would you do? This is not my area of expertise.

  4. Excellent preview, additional to what you said, is for the people who are using 6S plus, before the update the 3D touch pops up like 30fps and and the screen rotation was laggy, but after the update the 3D touch pops up like 60fps very smooth like the 6S and the screen rotation doesn't freeze anymore.

  5. 9. 2 is horrible on iPad Air first gen – still very choppy which indicates anything with less than 2 gigs of ram just can't run 9.2 without lag.

  6. eric

    will there ever be a way to send emails using gmail in the iphone using your gmail email groups ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. I am curious to see if they fix the update with when you listen to music on iTunes on your eye device either iPad or iPhone it just stops and it kicks you out of iTunes I'm curious if it fix that I'm not sure if I should upload the update because if they didn't fix it I don't want it ?

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