iOS 9.2 Review – What’s New & Should You Update?

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Ultimate iOS 9.2 Review & Should You Update? New Features, Performance & Speed + All New Features Included.

iOS 9.2 vs iOS 9.1 Speed Test HERE:

35 Comments on iOS 9.2 Review – What’s New & Should You Update?

  1. Camt use itunes radio anymore because it asks me to join apple music. md that popup, when press 'later' just returns to itunes radio and not play the song. Click on song again and the popup to force 3 month trial in apple music is back again. It does not let me play any music. Main problem is I'm not in America, and I don't have a credit card and I never will be in America, and I never will have a credit card. So for this reason they Apple Music app is useless to me except to sync my own MP3 songs, and play them on the device. But iTunes radio and Apple Music is impossible for me or anybody else in Thailand to use

  2. Im using a iphone 6s and i been thinking if i should update.I updated my 5s to 9.0 last time and it was lagging!!I afraid the same thing will happen.Will the 9.2 update cause lag?

  3. I want to update but. I'm not sure I should or should I because of no jailbreaks out yet. I might have to but I'm have a feeling there going to jailbreak 9.2 because it's new

  4. Bugs I encountered in iOS 9.1 which i still encounter in 9.2
    1. Turning on/off the cellular and clicking back rightafter makes it lag
    2. Manual screen Orientation isn't working
    3. No animation at all after loading heavy game like MC5, turning off will turn back to normal
    4. Personal Hotspot sometime detected sometimes not
    5. Animation sound is irritating when headphone is plugged/ paired(bluetooth)

  5. All lag disappeared almost everything only time lags a little tiny bit is on the app switcher when you scroll left and right slowly theres frame rate drops specially the home screen in front well that resolves the lagg so its almost fluid smooth

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