iOS 9.2 / 9.2.1 Jailbreak Pangu News – Jailbreak Scams – Downgrade to 9.2!

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What’s going on guys? In today’s video we’re speaking about Jailbreak. As you probably know, Jailbreak has been here since iOS 1.x and by the time, a lot of Jailbreak tools and websites were created. As Pangu recently found a new Kernel Exploit, they advice you to update to iOS 9.2.1 ONLY IF you are concerned in device’s security more than in Jailbreak. Luca Todesco confirmed on his twitter page that you better stay with iOS 9.2 if you wanna have more chances to Jailbreak soon. Apple will stop signing the iOS 9.2 very soon (a matter of days!) so if you wanna downgrade to 9.2, NOW IT’S THE TIME! DO IT NOW before you will regret!
If you are not interested in Jailbreak at all, you should update to 9.2.1 as the kernel exploit found might allow malicious apps to gain access on the device. If you still decide to remain on 9.2, avoid installing untrusted apps.

Today we’re also speaking about Jailbreak Scams and fake tools that might try to steal your money as if you search on Google “iOs…

36 Comments on iOS 9.2 / 9.2.1 Jailbreak Pangu News – Jailbreak Scams – Downgrade to 9.2!

  1. You dont need to show that youve jailbroken ios 9.2.1 if you wont release to the public, it makes you look like a kid with a toy that nobody has or like showing off. Everytime i hear Luca's name i do facepalm

  2. Does it still work? Can someone please link me to a video that will show you how to perform the downgrade once I have downloaded the file from iPhone wiki?

  3. This is not the longest we have waited for a jailbreak if u go back when ios 5 and 6 was out we waited for like 8 to 9 months before u see a jailbreak dnt fall for fake jailbreaks its alot of fake jailbreak ls out there pangu or taig will release a tool when any of them get a official jailbreak stay on 9.2 dnt upgrade if u care ab jailbreak

  4. Jailbreaking is harder now it take months before it was like 1-2 weeks. I will stay on 9.2 because who knows if jailbreak will be on 9.2.1 or 9.3 they were working on jailbreak for 5 months now that's crazy.

  5. Luca Todesco confirmed on his twitter that if you are concerned in Jailbreak you might wanna stay on 9.2! If you upgraded to 9.2.1, it is still not late to downgrade but hurry up as Apple will drop the signing windows in a few hours! Also, we're talking about Jailbreak Scammers!

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