iOS 9.2(.1) & 9.3b Untethered arm64 Jailbreak

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Kim Jong Cracks strikes against Apple Imperialism once again.
We’d like to thank the honest citizenry in the iOS Jailbreak “Community” for their cooperation in securing high volume supplies of drama, essential for the colossal strike against the cruel rule of AppleMobileFileIntegrity (which shall be kept private for the Leader’s enjoyment).

29 Comments on iOS 9.2(.1) & 9.3b Untethered arm64 Jailbreak

  1. What about Pwning everything (Bootrom, Kernel, "AppleMobileFileIntegrity", iBoot, iBSS, iBEC and iTunes for a restore based Jailbreak)?
    That leaves only the AppleFileConduct and BootROM exploit left to find.

  2. Fuck you man fuck you I hate people like you. You decide to be a fucking douche and not release your work of art Man U have a gift that makes people happy and you decide to be a duck and display it where everyone knows what's going on while they sit without a jailbreak and you piss them off but you know what thanks and fuck you bitch

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