iOS 8 – Top Features – Tips & Tricks

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We go hands on with iOS 8 and show you some of the biggest features and some you might not know about!
How to Add Custom Keyboards –
Hidden iOS 8 Features –




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24 Comments on iOS 8 – Top Features – Tips & Tricks

  1. Another cool feature you don't know   ''low light'' feature using triple click home button
    to use this feature set this setting – 1) go to setting
                                                            2) go to general
                                                            3) go to accessibility
                                                            4) go to zoom and select ''show controller''  and set ''ldle visibility''' to 5% as low
                                                            5) go to the accessibility shortcut and select zoom please do not ''on'' the zoom feature
                                                            6) click the home button 3 times and you get the a round icon,
                                                            7) touch the icon and go to ''choose filter'' and select ''low light''
                                                             now your done
                             when ever you triple click the home button you get ''low light'' feature without going to the control center. to exit this feaure just triple click the home button

  2. Very nice video and review! Something that is very annoying is that when the iPhone is in landscape mode – in the message app – and you want to attach a picture from the Photo Library it opens the photo-app in portrait mode! Even iPhone 6 Plus! This is very frustrating and means that you still have to rotate the iPhone to portrait mode to select the picture to attach. Furthermore, you can not select multiple images at once. The strange thing is that the photo app itself is rotating to landscape mode – but why not when to attach pictures to messages?

  3. I myself don't like how when you take a quick pic it sends it immediately. Same with if you hold the phone up to your face to reply to a audio message it sends right away. They really should fix this.

  4. For some reason my phone as well as my boyfriends is not showing the edit photo option with the three dots on the top left corner to choose an external app to edit. Any idea why this could be?

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