iOS 8 Jailbreak News Update

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34 Comments on iOS 8 Jailbreak News Update

  1. +iTwe4kz Please tell me if i can download facebook app on my old iphone 4G, i have iOS 5.1.1. I have to ask your that if I buy iphone 6 now it will be in the same situation after few years, so i spend my money for a new iOS phone which force myself to buy the iphone 7, maybe 8 someday……. I believe it will be the same situation and I really can't find the purpose to buy iOS devices, i think i'm gonna buy htc one m8 if I find the google play edition or maybe nexus 5…… I really like tech and the experience on android devices.

  2. What's up man. Is there anyway to back up my tweaks and sources and able to retrieve them on ANOTHER iPhone? i have the 5 and I'm planning to get the 6plus. When I got a new phone I basically had to screenshot EVERYTHING and it literally took me HOURS to get EVERYTHING back one by one tweak by tweak source by source. I've actually NEVER heard ANYBODY talk about transferring tweaks and sources from one iPhone to another. can this be done or would I have to do everything one by one? I love all your videos man and if you could take the time to reply to me it would be greatly appreciated. I've been wondering this for awhile now. Thanks! 

  3. i am agree with you about what you've said … jailbreak team must wait for stable and non bugs firmware what is the point to have jailbreak with non stable firmware ,. and i guess that's why jailbreak come late .. they wanna to be sure about non bugs and stable firmware to release … so i guess we will read a lot of news after that major update because really really iOS 8.0.2 sucks … Good Channel and nice review. regards

  4. Pangu are waiting for 8.1 because it will help them out by showing what methods have been patched and helps narrow down their options for jailbreak methods which then makes it easier to jailbreak and also helps the jailbreak to be more stable

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