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Apple released its first update for iOS 8 today, and users are reporting issues spawning from the update, such as an unresponsive Touch ID and broken cellular reception.

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40 Comments on iOS 8 Breaks Certain Phone Features – IGN News

  1. My iphone 4 is still pretty good for what it is. everyone is so hateful when it comes to little flat rectangular prisms made by different humans. like what you like and you dont have to scream it from virtual rooftops

  2. What people fail to realise is Iphone=hardware+software android=software, you can't compare. Its like saying my laptop is better than skype

  3. I had some issues as well, mostly just that it doesn't register that I've already seen texts and it randomly closes Facebook. 
    Oh well, these things happen! I absolutely love iOS8 aside from those couple things, it looks sweet.

  4. Ios 8 on my iPhone 5 made my phone turn sensor buggy, youtube search keyboard is on the side like I have my phone turned and the worst of all is that I can only charge my phone when it's turned completely off(I have a apple lightning charger) ios 8 is a big no no for now.

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