IOS 7 Tips, Tricks and Hidden Features

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PART 2 – Tip and Tricks is HERE :
IOS 7 Battery Saving Tips here:
Increase your iOS 7 Privacy settings –
Enable LED Flash Alerts! –

Here are some great Tips, Tricks and hidden features with the NEW IOS 7. Hopefully you will learn at least 1 thing!! If so, please share and rate this app with a Thumbs UP!!

The case I have on is the Energizer extra power pack slim case. See it here.


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  1. Please check out Part TWO of IOS 7 Tips and tricks. I hope you learn at least one thing from that video as well. The link is in the description. Thanks and please share this video.

  2. It is an energizer battery case. I put a link to it in the description of the video. Also check out part 2 of IOS tips. The link is in the description as well. Thanks and please share.

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