iOS 6 Tips and Tricks: Hidden Features

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46 Comments on iOS 6 Tips and Tricks: Hidden Features

  1. Guided Access is good for that annoying friend of yours who says he wants to play games on your iPhone but then once he takes the phone, he just look through your stuff e.g. photos.
    This trick worked for me 😀

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  5. Guided access is a really nice feature. I have a 3 yr old step sister n she likes to take over my ipad and when I let her play games she clicks on everything's she sees.

  6. @Onanoko no, I just got my iphone 5 for Free for promotion, simply google for: AzzingleGiveaways

    So I don't give a shit about the similar shape to the iphone 5 as long as it's free 🙂

  7. i have a 3GS! it fucked up a week after i bought it (2010)! right then i couldn't synchronize my songs (purchased on the iPhone) with my/any computer! and like 6 months ago, my iMac couldn't even connect with my iPhone, it says i have to reset my the device! but if i do that, i'll lose 1305 songs that i've paid for!

  8. GUIDED ACCESS: Is great because when I'm showing a photo or if someone is adding their number they can't go Douche-Spy on me and do more than their suppose too.
    No more naive "oh they sure take a while to look that one picture"/"Adding your own name & number takes a long f–ing time"… Noisy Jackass'

    I can't be the only one^

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