iOS 5 Tips and Tricks

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In this video I go over my iOS 5 Tips and Tricks. Hopefully you found at least one you didn’t know about before! If you have any iOS 5 tips and tricks I should know about please let me know!

These tips and tricks should really help you use iOS 5 better, if you see any other great iOS 5 tips and tricks I should know about, please let me know, I may make another video! Made by ToolgyTV. Visit for more. Check out my new project, Audio Press: Web hosting starting at $5/month:

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  1. Great tips.
    I'm not sure if thus is exclusive to the 4S
    But while you have the camera on you can tether the headset and use the volume control in the head set to snap the picture sorts remote like sorta!

  2. You must have some dough w/ your own iPad, iPhone 4s, 27" iMac, a DSLR 60d w/ canon lens (sorta looks like the 35 f/2), noise canceling headphones. You will need a high paying job when you're older to keep up with your taste in technology. If your 27" iMac is anything like the specs on mine your total technology bill is ~$5000. Also, if your products aren't interesting (aka a usb hub unboxing) don't make a video about it, if it was a usb 3.0 hub now that's another story.

  3. So basically To-do app – something to do on november 3rd – open ical – on november 3rd, it says i must do the to-do, open calendar app replacing ical also shows the to-do on november 3rd

  4. I have a few questions for you. What is a calendar app (not google) with a simple, clean interface that syncs with my ical (which i hate) so I can look at the new calendar app and add events and stuff without ever needing to use ical.

    Also, is there a to-do list that syncs with ical that will let me add to-dos to the app and if they have dates, place them on ical on those corresponding dates and thus show up on the above calendar?

    see next comment

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