iOS 10 will collect data on you only if you let it to

iOS 10 will collect data on you only if you let it to

For years, Apple has been touting itself as a company that doesn’t access user’s data. However, as the company is getting deeper into the AI game with iOS 10, it has finally acknowledged that it really does require users to share some data to help Apple make intelligent suggestions, but it will be totally optional.

By adopting a technique called “differential privacy,” Apple will intelligently collect data without gaining access to anything personal or confidential. The company will use differential data to track users and make Siri better at predicting what you want, without being a creeper.

Speaking to Re/code, Apple has explained its differential privacy and said it will be limited to four specific data: words added to local dictionaries, emojis typed, deep links used inside apps, and look up hints within notes.

Though Apple hasn’t started collecting data on users, they will be required to give their consent once iOS 10 launches. Perhaps there will be a message prompt on the iOS 10 intro asking whether you are giving your consent or not.

This autumn, iOS 10 is set to launch publicly with some major improvements such as Lock Screen, more 3D Touch shortcuts, better photo recognition, a streamlined Control Centre, and much more.


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