iOS 10 vs Android N Developer Previews! BETA Battle!

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We’re getting that developer sneak peek at what’s coming soon in the newest versions of Android and iOS, so it’s time for a showdown! Looking at some of the newest updates to each platform’s UI and individual services, which company is currently on the better preview track? YOU DECIDE! Hit the “More Info” icon on this video to vote in our viewer poll!

Android N BETA 3 Preview
iOS 10 BETA Preview


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45 Comments on iOS 10 vs Android N Developer Previews! BETA Battle!

  1. iphone 6s plus was my first iphone fone, guess what. it bores me a lot not bcoz of lack of customization. I smashed it on the ground and spit on it! what it lacks are u cant use 3rd party app to bring the full potential of ur phone, the functions of iphone is limited to itself. u cant even use fingerprint scanner app to secure your selected apps for its security. the build in scanner acted only as a whole, u cant even use 3rd party app to fake ur location, and theres few to mention

  2. I find it interesting how know one seems to care about what I believe to be the most incredible thing about iOS 10: the obsession with protecting privacy, and the pain they go through to make it all work.

  3. iOS 11

    Jon Ivy: We decided to redesign from the ground up with iOS11. We couldn't think of anything so we said 'Screw it! Let's just copy Android!'.

    Introducing the new and all improved material design.

  4. Interesting to see how Apple has only upped the ante in ripping features straight from Android. The new features in N are Google's own, but the new features in iOS 10 are taken out of Marshmallow, too lazy to even properly reflavour some of them Apple-y.

  5. Well, I think both have done it very well. I mean, there is a point where one cannot choose one. While I was watching the video I was like «oh, the iOS 10 makes it good», but then I saw Android N and was like «Android does not make it bad at all…» would you like a Barr chocolate or a hot chocolate?

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