iOS 10 Jailbreak All Versions! – Jailbreak iOS 10

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I am assuming if you’re on this video you are probably asking yourself the question how do I do the most recent jailbreak iOS 10? Well, I am glad you came across this video because I just came across a website that allowed myself to jailbreak my phone after the latest update with no problems at all! The best part is that the jailbreak iOS 10 is all online and takes no time at all!
You might be wondering how this is possible? Well, we made a script to flash a device online, as you can see from the video we can jailbreak any iOS device on iOS 10 hopefully, this will include iPhone 7 soon! All the devices listed can be found on the website above! Or as shown in the video.
Thank from the article below the jailbreaking process has become possible from holding back on an early release, thus we all now having a working jailbreak for iOS 10! This is the ultimate…

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