Introducing Xperia C3, the selfie Android smartphone from Sony

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Take a closer look at Xperia C3, the new selfie Android smartphone with a 5.5″ touchscreen. This PROselfie smartphone captures more action with a 5MP wide-angle front camera and always casts you in the most flattering light with a LED front flash. Xperia C3 is also the first Xperia smartphone with a front camera certified with Superior Auto, which adjusts camera settings for you — so whether you’re capturing those big nights out or taking a sunset shot, Xperia C3 helps you take the best selfies in any light.

Also available in dual SIM*:
*Variant available in selected markets only.

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43 Comments on Introducing Xperia C3, the selfie Android smartphone from Sony

  1. Sony Xperia C3 dual worst camera ever. I bought my sony Xperia C3 dual last year! the rear camera was so bad though it has 8mp camera., at first if you open the camera it seems like no problem at all but every time it captured pictures it will result blurry, it captured pictures so brightly very sensitive to the light. I thought Sony has a good quality camera phone, I regret!

  2. The worst rear camera ever seen on a Sony phone,Very very poor quality.Technical team is working for the last 10 months to fix this, this is the reply i am getting every time from Xperia Care.Lost the trust on Sony.Really the 8 MP Rear camera is very poor.Common problem with all C3 devices. Captured Pictures are like drawings,pixels are clearly visible on picture

  3. rear camera is not good……… why you did this sony. you should maintain rear camera quality also. everybody now disappoint with rear camera. check public forum xperia blog, so many people has this problem @sony xperia

  4. bought this phone a few days ago and i love it. although it's not a high-end smartphone and not a flagship device from sony but it's quite amazing. i'm a fan of sony and i fall in love with this phone. the front camera is perfect eventhough i'm not that kind of person who loves to take selfie. the features in this phone is also pretty cool. and the design is so beautiful. feel nice in the hand eventhough it's pretty big

  5. Preciso desse smarthphone. ele é perfeito para meus Selfies. Esperando ele ser lançado aqui no brasil. I need this smartphone. it's perfect for my Selfies. Expecting it to be released here in Brazil.

  6. Hey Sony, the Xperia T2 Ultra and of course C3 are handphone for female? cause there's mode "poetrait retouch" for make your face beautiful, and front camera in C3 is autofocus or not? Thanks.

  7. Is it true that we can tap the back cover of C3 when we take a selfie? So, we don't have to press the camera button or tap the screen. Because I wanna know more about this device before I buy this next week. Thanks!

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