Introducing the HTC One A9. Be Brilliant.

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Life is what you make of it. So make the most of it with the HTC One A9. The smart phone that gets all the important elements right. Enjoy sharper photos, smoother video, incredible sound and the latest Android features including Now on Tap.

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40 Comments on Introducing the HTC One A9. Be Brilliant.

  1. I don't know why people complain a lot about this phone, maybe they should try it… It's not really bad I got it… and works great… Nice camera quality, and sound… and battery is really fast when a charge, and I think the important thing of the phones is how they works and that we can able to use it for work, call, take pictures, etc… The design is not really important, in my opinion ,I never liked the Samsung Galaxy s4 design but it was great when I got it In my opinion…

  2. I was, ima say WAS an HTC fan, but this shit looks straight up like an IPhone clone, they talk about being unique and brilliant! !??? they just copied an iphone, so fuck it, I'll just buy an iPhone,

  3. Its sad to see the that HTC had to rely on an Apple design to sell. HTC lost over $13 billion in their lazy attempt of the m9 and now they will loose even more. I've been with HTC since the HTC touch and I've been really satisfied with all of them especially the One s, m7, and m8 but with the m9 I returned it a week after I got it. Why would I pay another $800 for a phone that offers the same screen, worst design, worst battery life, a camera that still can't perform under low lighting and a processor that doesn't out perform. I love HTC and I hope one day you guys start listening to the TRUE HTC enthusiast and with our suggestions and reviews make your company a flagship in the industry again. But as of now, you will not get any of my money with the m9 and a9. It really saddens me because it seems as if you guys stopped caring in every way. I would gladly pay the $1200 price tag of an iPhone 6 plus if HTC started making real phones again. But as of now. My Whole family and friends will not waste their hard earned money on a phone that isn't worth the money. Please don't hesitate to reply and apologize for disappointing a real HTC enthusiast.

  4. Just keep the price in check, lot of competition, but your design language, aluminium unibody, boomsound, Sense etc are USP. But price it too high and no one will biy. Good luck, hoping to get my third htc with this one.

  5. Everyone is saying that it looks like an iphone but honestly like why does everyone care so much about the looks? I am actually really glad they spent most of their money on the actual features instead of stupid design that ill cover with a case anyway.

  6. Look at those ugly bezels! Since original desire this company has failed to produce anything compelling. I was waiting for htc one m7 to come out how disappointed i was to find out that it doesn't have sd card slot. After that company just went downhill. There is absolutely nothing brilliant about this generic device dont be fooled by this ad.

  7. HTC, WHERE IS THE COMMUNICATION WITH TECH-BLOGGERS AND HTC-FANS? You will sell a phone for 580 Euros and only with 2 GB RAM, not a good Camera … midrange tech-feature and high-range price? You have to looking for a really good designer.

    Never, never ever placed the HTC-LOGO on the Frontside / Face of your Smartphone … looking like a no-name Product!!!

  8. not necessarily next March. too frequent new version of a phone series is not good…. can't upgrade a phone so frequent… and one company should have one flagship… you don't have to manage hundreds of variants … and make ONE phone the best.

  9. hope don't take those ONE 's dna away on the m10 if it is coming. (could reuse m7 or even ONE X body and tweak it. ONE X (add bottom speaker and A9's OIS camera) in FULL metal (means speaker grills and body as m10 would be nice too)

  10. why not put another speaker up top at the position of the ir blaster side, and we still got boomsound stereo. that be more perfect and better heritage ONE 's dna. and please, symmetrical is not unimportant. the two stripes not symmetrical ( both speakers grills and stripes on m7 are symmetrical )

  11. HTC what the hell have you done ? wrong move taking out the prior design look and the legendary Boom Sound speakers. Wrong move! As a fan i truly hope you get your things right again. I currently have the M8 (deeply in love with it) and it really troubles me to say, if it ever breaks down i will have to change brands. Just include the Boom Sound again, with better low light performing cameras and with Sense, you'll hit the top again. Good move with amoled screen.