Introducing the HTC 10

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HTC gives you an exclusive look at our new flagship smartphone the HTC 10.

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  3. When will the HTC 10 be available in South Africa?  Have been buying HTC phones for a number of years since originally launched in South Africa, however we have no HTC point of contact/customer care.  The big cell phone operators don't seem to know either.  Please let me know?  Or provide me with a contact agent/person/number.

  4. Touch Pro 1, Touch Pro 2, evo 4G, evo 3D, evo LTE, m7, m8 & m9 & I'm sorry but I left for a GS 7 edge this year, I miss you HTC!

    I hope these reasons get to the top at HTC

    – Poor marketing & leadership year after year
    – Camera went downhill on the m7, 4MP just wan't enough and you haven't won people back since – huge fail
    – You guys nailed it with M7 front facing speakers, however mono sound on M10 is not the same as 2 front facing speakers
    – Missed the boat on mobile payments – Samsung Pay is amazing techhnology blows Apple Pay away
    – I stuck with HTC till m9, my friends jumped ship in the last few years. I firmly believed HTC made better products up until the Galaxy S6 which improved build quality and dumped micro SD which should have been a major wake up call to you HTC
    – You guys also missed the VR boat, while VIVE looks amazing no mobile support
    – Water proofing & screen quality including curved screens
    – Wireless charging? – sure USB C is here but missed the boat
    – Late releases, how can you get ahead when you are behind? Galaxy 7 has been out for weeks now
    – M9 quietly supported quick charge however the stock charger was not such and this was poorly marketed
    – 1080P resolution till now, the G3 had a higher resolution you guys ignored the nicer screens till now.
    – Always on screen is actually amazing, I don't see it on the M10
    – M9 didn't go your way so you come up with the A9 confusing consumers. Stick to the flag ships
    – Fingerprint reader on the Max was a fail and was missing on M9 – behind

    To be honest, I wanted an S6 and held off one more year until I started reading rumors of the M10 ditching boomsound and that was it I just had it. Again a mono speaker on the front and a speaker on the bottom doesn't make for a stereo front facing experience. While I miss my HTC a lot, I can't say that you guys make superior products anymore to Samsung which I firmly believed in for many many years. I'm not saying I won't ever come back but you guys have lost your touch of what made HTC so great. You guys get so close year after year yet so far. HTC needs serious new leadership because it does make great products but your leaders are running your company into the ground and this shouldn't be happening. Maybe this makes it to the top of HTC, maybe it doesn't but either way I have been one of your most loyal customers year in and year out pitching all my friends on the HTC brand just like an Apple product but I don't have the same feelings anymore.

  5. Dear HTC, very nice hardware, but I bought your phone because second to Motorola, you chose to and made efforts to not butcher Android entirely. While I would still like an even more STOCK Android experience, your offering checks enough boxes for me. Thanks, I can't wait for it to ship.

  6. A while lot of nothing. Where is the removable battery? Still no kickstand. Design is basically ripped of from the S7 plis a back bezel. htc is out of ideas. And I used to love the Evo lineup.

  7. I have HTC about the last 5-6 years all my phones have problems with antenna sygnal..
    Τhese are bad signs for the company,where forced to turn my interest in another company..
    I love htc but Ι dont risk it again.

  8. Disappointing. Once again HTC have not produced a phone that catches the eye. They are refiners rather than innovators. I'm happy with my HTC EYE. It's the best phone Ive ever owned and it looks more eye catching than this bland piece of metal. They had a real chance of producing something that stands out from the rest, but like he said they killed it!

  9. do you mean, you killed it what you have been killing until last year's model, the one m9. Because that's the only way to make it alive. # just killing..:) mean just kidding.:). htc always nailed it on design department and the only thing that holding me back was the camera performance. I hope this time around the camera actually lives up to the hype otherwise it's just an another bad year for htc.

  10. HTC you made 2 mistakes with the 10:

    1. Removing the front facing speakers is just a bad decision. Isnt this your trademark ? you even made advertising video to make fun of other companies for not having front facing speakers.

    2. Not including the high end headphone in the US market is a fatal decision. You are competing with Samsung and Apple mainly in the US but you dont wanna give the US market everything you got ?

    It looks like 2016 isnt gonna be a good year for you HTC.

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