Introducing Moto Mods™ – Transform your phone in a snap

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Introducing Moto Mods ™ the first real change for smartphones in a real long time. Moto Mods instantly transform your smartphone into an entirely new device, doing what no other phone can do. Like turn it into a movie projector,
a boombox, or a battery powerhouse. The possibilities are practically endless. Moto Mods magnetically snap onto your phone, seamlessly becoming one with it. And they’re easy to swap whenever inspiration strikes.
Project a TV show to watch with friends. Or blast your playlist at a party. Moto Mods transform your phone, so you can transform what you do.

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44 Comments on Introducing Moto Mods™ – Transform your phone in a snap

  1. Rehashing old ideas. There's been modular smart phones for a long time. Seems that moto only took a few products. The others were: Upgrade the camera, speakers, battery, CPU, RAM, touchscreen(higher res). Just another limited copycat product from a burned up company :/

  2. Great innovation Moto! Don't know why grossly overpriced iPhone & Samsung Galaxy are still ruling the market. I own Moto X Pure Style and it beats both of those two and costs only $300.

  3. Totally awesome. Can't wait. This is going to be so transformative. I can't overstate this. Every toy, dumb device out there will now be able to have a smartphone brain. Amazing… Yes the song is a great pick too…

  4. New??? What about the Samsung Galaxy Beam release in 2012, the proyector until 50 inches, the new version in 2014, another one SmartQ U7,inovation? or imitation with an agresive marketing metod.

  5. I love it, only that I know I won´t buy 3 300 USD appliances, and even if I do, I know I won´t carry them around… I guess I´ll have to wait 5-10 more years to have all this built into the base phone itself…

  6. Hahahahaha. Of course. I was so stoked for this phone until I saw that Verizon logo. Motorola and Lenovo, you've seriously missed out on a very big market. I will never switch back to Verizon after how badly they've treated my friends and family.

  7. What a failure. The Moto Z should have the same 3500 mAh battery as the Force. Instead they gimp it with a 2600 mAh battery, and expect people to pay even more money to get the increased battery capacity. Stupid.

    This is why trying to make phones thinner and thinner is moronic.

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